Design, Low Cost Tooling & Small Series Production:

You have an idea but no plan?

We can help you realize your designs to reality. Our team can give you design, 3D drawings, 3D models and production molds. With our network of designers, mold makers and injection molding businesses we can help you quickly start realizing your idea. We can also help you with a thorough market research. Should the series get bigger we can transfer the production to the Netherlands at a molder which is best suited for. We manage the entire project and conduct a moldflow-analysis so that we can identify in advance problems.

If you want to let us take care of the production, we will assist you in that also.

For orders which are too large for vacuum casting, or products whose material requirements are such that this is only achievable with casting we suggest Low Cost Tooling solution. You have to pay price per purchased product with a purchase guarantee of 1 or 2 years. We guarantee purchase with less tooling costs. Here you pay only costs per product and the mold cost is amortized over to take off some products. These products can be used over 1 year or 2 years. Low tooling costs for quantities up to 5,000 units. The mold is made in special aluminum, which can produce at least 5,000 pieces in various plastics. Complete assembly and packaging are also provided by us. We guarantee competitive prices and prompt delivery of products.

References among others: MOOOI Design, Modi Force Orfit Industries, Alitalia and perhaps your company ??

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