Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography (SLA) is among the oldest of RP techniques. The basic principle is layer-wise hardening of a UV-sensitive epoxy resin by means of a UV-laser beam. An SLA prototype can be finished makelijk with many different options to suit all requirements and budgets.

Since 17 November 2011 VRT has an SLA machine with which it is possible to build parts up to 600x600x400mm. The VRT tough material is very strong and therefore very suitable for functional parts. It is also possible with this material in order to make snap connections, or parts that need to bend. The color of this material is white.

Of course, there is also still made ​​use of the VRT-clear material. This resin is transparent and allows very precise build yours. VRT NT is an SLA that mimics ceramic properties. Products built with this material are resistant to high temperatures (230 degrees).

There can be built on different layer thicknesses. The higher the layer thickness, the less time the process will take and this is beneficial for the cost. In contrast, the products will look coarse. A thinner layer thickness takes longer construction time, but the result will be tighter and also require less finishing. The latter is mainly used for small parts that need to be very accurate, and / or high-gloss or transparent.

Reasons to choose SLA: Accuracy
Material requirements; transparent ( VRT clear ). Strong and tough, bendable, hinges and snap fingers are possible ( VRT tough ).
Finishing Requirements; SLA models tend to be finished very well and to varnishes and / or chrome plating.
Speed; because SLA machines have short delivery times no heating and cooling (1-2 days depending on volume and height).
If satisfy mechanical properties of the epoxy, SLA can also be used for Rapid Manufacturing. This is also determined by size and numbers.

Nadelenen SLA:
If mechanical loads are not resistant epoxy resins we use at temperatures above 45 degrees.

General SLA:
Parts built from SLA-clear :
Layer thickness: 0.05 or 0.1 or 0.15mm
Size: 350x350x400mm (larger parts can be glued)

Parts built from VRT Tough :
Layer thickness: 0.1 to 0:15
Size: 600x600x400mm (larger parts can be glued)

Post-processing / finishing level:
After the parts are built, they are post-processed manually by our model makers.
Depending on your budget and product requirements, you can choose from the following trim levels:

1. Support free (lowcost finish; mention in your application code as SV trim level)
Excess resin and supports are removed.
The floors and places that have been sitting supports, remain visible in the product.

2. Sanding and rays (standard finish, mention to your application, code SS, finished level) Excess resin and supports are removed. Thereafter, only the outer and visible sides sanded and light the product completely blasted. The floors and the places where have been the supports are no longer visible.

3. Paint (to mention your application code LB and finishing with RAL color, followed by: LT = light texture, GT = coarse texture or H = gloss) After finishing according to code SS, the product is provided with a primer layer, then be painted in the RAL color you specify. Gloss takes a lot of time making the delivery time is longer and thus cost higher. RAL colors are limited and available everywhere different color codes, we can advise you on this.

4. Lacquers inner and outer sides (to mention your application code LBB afwerkingsnieveau with gewesnte RAL, followed by: LT = light texture, GT = coarse texture or H = high gloss). The product is sanded completely smooth inner and outer surfaces comprising a primer and painted in the color you specified.

5. Transparent (with your application, code TF = frosted transparent or TC = Transparent clear mention)

This is only for products that are built into VRT Clear Epoxy and should be explicitly stated in the application, because the products after building a special treatment. If you are not sure which finish best fits your model, we recommend you obviously like binding.

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