Model Making

VRT specializes in model making thus creating models and complete assemblies of (functional) products. Special attention is paid to the finish. The models are finished to customer requirements and also here we go any challenges from the road.

Within our model shop, we make use of several techniques, depending on the requirements of the product. The models can be finished in many different ways, one has to think of lakes (possibly in multiple colors) and transparent parts. In the assemblies is ensured in order to fit the pieces together as well as possible.

In many cases, they chose stereolithography (SLA) . This technique lends itself to creating visibility models. These products can be painted in color, are finished with high-gloss, or with a (slight) texture. The VRT-clear material can also be made ​​transparent. With the advent of VRT tough it is possible to provide products that not only view model, but also functionally useful, because the material is aanazienlijk stronger. It is not possible to create transparent VRT tough. Both SLA-materials are, moreover, not suitable for applications where the temperature rises above 40-45 degrees.

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is mainly used for functional parts, because this material very difficult to work after is. It may very well against high temperatures (180-200 degrees). In cases where the product or model must be tough and / or must be able to, and there is also still has to look tight against high temperatures, it is possible to use this technique, and to be varnished in the desired color. In addition, one must take into account long delivery times as this is a time consuming task.

For models with specific requirements relating to temperature, impact resistance, rubber, food approved, flame retardant, etc., we use v casting acuum . By vacuum casting can be made ​​small series and models than technical features as possible simulate the final product. Here it is also possible to threaded inserts, threaded rod, or for casting other parts so that it is not slack in the product.

If you have questions about the possibilities, then we can help you. If you face a challenge, we like to think along with you.

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